Grand Prismatic

Over the river and through the woods lies a small hidden lake known to the locals as Nymph Lake. This lake is home to thousands of these beautiful dragonflies. These two have an unexpected story. I spied the two dragonflies laying their eggs in the lake to start the next generation and keep the life of the pond thriving. Suddenly the green dragonfly got a little too close to the water and it fell in. What came next was completely unexpected. The blue dragonfly swooped down and tried to lift its mate from the water. It tried in vein looking to be nearly successful just to lose its grip over and over again. Finally from exhaustion it fell into the water doomed to suffer the same inevitable fate. The touching scene was too much to ignore and I had to step in. I waded it, pulled them from the water and put them in the sun to dry their wings. In return they let me take their portrait before they flew off to continue their life by the lake. It was one of the most memorablie photos I have ever taken.

Judge's Award of Merit in Cass Couty, Missouri's 2011 County Fair

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