Let in the Light

Grand Prismatic

Cutting through the middle of the Kansas praries, I-70 is a directly link from Missouri to Colorado. There are many wonders along the way hidden amongst the praries. At just to the west of the center of the state, a small building starts to emerge from the grassland. As we continued on the building grew taller and taller. Far from the highway it was a little hard to make out how large this cathedral was so we decided to leave the highway and do a little exploring. When we arrived made it to the building that seemed to grow from the fields it was a most impressive structure. The St. Fidelis Church (a.k.a. The Cathedral of the Plains) is a massive Romanesque structure that was built between 1908 and 1911. It could hold 1,100 people making it, at the time of its construction, the largest church west of the Mississippi.

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